Where can i buy Hycon bike?

Bikes can be purchased directly through our website.

Why is there a price difference between the HYCON models?

While all two models, HYCON GRAVEL and HYCON CITY, have the same frame geometry, the components for each one of them are different according to 3 different configuration system. Electric, Alfine and classic chain versions are equipped with different components and they are available at different prices.


I'm a small/tall person, is the frame the right size for me?

Our frames fit any sizes because HYCON has a height adjustable handlebar (stem) and seat post.


Will the bike arrive fully assembled?

Yes, it is provided with all technical documentation for the correct maintenance of the vehicle.

Why is the frame of the Hycon bike made of chromoly steel instead of aluminium?

When we developed the HYCON Bike, we were looking for a perfect balance between low weight, high stability, long durability and high riding comfort. We were able to combine these characteristics in an ideal balance by using the most modern chrome-molybdenum steel. The excellent damping characteristics and the simultaneously high stiffness of Chromoly make (in contrast to aluminium frames) heavy suspension components superfluous. The particularly thin-walled, double-butted frame tubes result in additional weight savings.

What can I do if my HYCON bike needs to get repaired?

Hycon is equipped with standard components that can be repaired and replaced in any qualified workshop. You can also buy the components to be replaced directly from Hycon srl.

What can I do if I have problems with the electric motor?

The bike will be accompanied by all the supporting documentation and help contacts necessary to send the motor for assistance.


Do HYCON come with a warranty?

Every Hycon bike comes with a two-year limited manufacturer warranty. If a manufacturer production defect is found within this period, we will respond according to our warranty. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear components such as tires, inner tubes, brake pads, chains, etc. The bike will be accompanied by all the supporting documentation and help contacts necessary to send the bike for assistance.You can read more about the warranty in our Terms ans Conditions.

What's the max speed?

The maximum speed is 25km / h with the 250 W motor with a torque output limited to 40 Nm


How many speeds does the HYCON have?

4 power modes are available, manageable from your smartphone using our BitRide Connect app: No Assist, Eco, Turbo, and Custom (enabling you to create your own preferences).


How long will the battery last?

In general, you’ll be able to ride 35 to 45 km in Turbo mode and up to 60 km in Eco mode.

However, this answer really depends on many different variables such as the type of terrain, road conditions, your riding speed, the riding mode, your weight, headwinds, etc.


How long does it take to re-charge the battery?

It takes approximately 2/3 hours to fully charge the battery.


Where is the battery?

HYCON is equipped with the world's most compact pedal-assist system for e-bikes combines the motor, battery, and Bluetooth sensor in the rear hub.


Can I use the HYCON without a smartphone app?

A connection between a smartphone / tablet and HYCON is required for the initial activation of the system and the selection of the riding modes. The system saves the last selected setting and can then be put into operation even without a Bluetooth connection. To do this, HYCON has to be accelerated once to around 10 km / h and stepped backwards 3 times. HYCON remains activated for 5 minutes in the idle state and then switches off automatically. The connection with the smartphone / tablet is only necessary to make settings or to track the movement data. There is also the option to control HYCON via wireless remote control (instead of an app).

There are two types of Zehus engine, Bike and Bike+. Why does HYCON mount the Bike version?

Both versions take advantage of the KERS, the engine charging by pedaling backwards. BIKE+ also charges downhill without pedaling but the incidence of this recharge is minimal against a higher expense. Both engines at the end of the day still need to be recharged.

Also, only the BIKE version is multispeed. By installing cassette and derailleur you can choose between 4.7 and 9 speeds. Available on request.