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Hycon is an Italian lifestyle adventure brand that blends a vintage soul with a comfortable folding e-bike. Created to face the city in every situation, Hycon mounts 24 inch wheels with a super compact fold.

Hycon is a young project that combines a passion for design and cycling. We felt the need to work on a folding bike with normal-sized wheels since the market only offered folding bikes with small wheels. The idea was to ride long distances on a 'standard' size bike with a comfortable setting. At the same time, we needed to carry the bike with us at all times, to avoid leaving it unattended for many hours, imagining our Hycon as a design object to be cherished. 

Our research focuses on the possibility of combining the comfortable settings of an ordinary bicycle with a folding system, which can not only compress the bike into a small size but also make the wheels in a parallel position to make the bicycle roll like a suitcase.
Moreover, we wanted to avoid awkward movements needed to close ordinary folding bikes, giving everyone the possibility to unfold and fold the bike by sliding it safely on the wheels.

The frame resulting from this research generates a comfortable and nimble bike agile in the city center.

Our project aims at the urban commuter who needs to travel a few kilometers by bike, load it onto a tram or train quickly, take it to the office, into the lift, and store it under the desk. 


We are proud that our frames are entirely built with advanced methods, but with the same logic as the old welded tube frames, that have made great the "frameteller" tradition worldwide.

The combination of tradition and innovation, materials and technology, past and future, makes Hycon a timeless object. The word "Hycon" stands for Hybrid Concept. A concept that encompasses in a single object different ways of experiencing urban mobility, whether it is electric or not.

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